EPDM & Viton® Isolators

Gauge Isolators
These devices are designed to replace the filter / snubber located in the fitting of most Perma-Cal® gauges.  The isolators are inserted into the fitting and the void within the Bourdon Tube and fitting are filled with a noncompressible fluid.  This technique 'isolates' the process fluid from the elastic element thus protecting the gauge internals from freezing, and contaminated fluids.  These can be ordered factory installed by specifying the options '-E' or '-V' or individually (uninstalled).  See the Isolator Bulletin for more details.

Reid Vapor Handle

Reid Vapor Handle
These are optional handles that can be attached to any Perma-Cal® 4" flanged or no flange test gauge.  They are typically used to execute the Reid Vapor Tension method described in ASTM D323.  Specify a '-R' as an option in the part number.  See the Product Bulletin for more details.

Stainless Rear Flange Stainless Front Flange Stainless Flange Ring
Stainless Flange Ring
Designed for our 4" stainless cases, these flange rings allow stainless cases to be configured as either front flange or rear flange mounted.  Additionally, these rings can be ordered in several colors to mount on our 4" painted metal cases.

Flush Mounting Kit Flush Mounting Kit Flush Mounting Kit

Flush Mounting Kit
Flush mounting kits are available for 3", 4" and 8" aluminum rear flange cases. These kits, originally created for the US Navy, are available in all of our standard colors.  See the Product Drawing for more details.

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